Colloidal Silver For Herpes

Colloidal Silver for Herpes treatment is a colloid made up of silver nano-particles suspended in distilled iron-less water. Due to the small size of the suspended nano-particles colloidal silver penetrates on a silver level to destroy pathogens of all varieties including bacteria,fungal spores, parasites and viruses.

Colloidal Silver For Herpes

This medicinal formulation of the yore was in use till the early part of the twentieth century only to be replaced by safer antibiotics in the 1940′s. With the advent of contagious diseases brought on by the mutating strains of deadly viruses  and a general lack of effective suppressants and cures, colloidal silver is back in the frame.

Colloidal silver  for Herpes can be made at home using a Colloidal Silver Generator. It is a fairly simple process in which a low voltage electrical current is run through a set of pure silver electrodes submerged in steam distilled water.

As referred to earlier, a virus like other micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi needs an oxygen rich environment to thrive along with specific enzymes to help them breathe. Colloidal silver’s comeback  in  treating viral infections can be attributed to its ability to act as the catalyst which renders these enzymes useless killing the virus in turn as a result of which there is a marked reduction in inflammation and a faster rate of healing of the damaged tissue.

Colloidal silver has a different mechanism of countering the micro-organisms unlike the antibiotics as it stifles their growth without harming the useful tissue enzymes. The results obtained by the usage of colloidal silver for herpes varies according to the dosage and the intensity of the breakouts.

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Colloidal Silver can be dabbed on or sprayed onto the herpes sores or it can be ingested as a tonic/supplement to help boost the immune system. Properly formulated colloidal silver when ingested does not have any negative effects on the body as it does not harm the good intestinal bacteria unlike the conventional antibiotics.

Colloidal silver has a long shelf  life as it does not degrade hence making it a good investment for the healing properties it offers. While the prices of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs skyrockets with their short shelf lives rendering them useless after the expiry of the prescribed time of usage, Colloidal Service continues to serve its purpose for years to come. You may also be interested to know about herpes cure and medication.

Prolonged usage of colloidal silver leads to accumulation of silver in the system which doctors advice should be purged out at regular intervals. Silver solutions when used indiscriminately in different forms lead to a skin condition known as Argyria.  Argyria is characterized by the skin colour undergoing a dramatic transformation by turning bluish grey.

Although Colloidal silver is known to be non-toxic and non addictive, the complete absence of side effects is still a debatable issue. The medical mafia is credited with employing scare tactics by exaggerating the minor side effects of natural remedies. Although it is generally understood that the side effects of prescribed pharmaceuticals far surpasses those of the natural remedies.

 Although the efficacy of colloidal silver for Herpes has been credited with substantially bringing down the rate of herpes outbreaks it is still not a Cure For Herpes.

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